Data4SmartHealth (D4SH), 21.11.2022, NOI Techpark, Bolzano


The third (in-person and online) edition of Data4SmartHealth aims to promote knowledge and awareness of artificial intelligence-based methodologies and techniques for analyzing clinical data and building health informatics applications. The workshop is dedicated to physicians and other healthcare professionals, staff of ICT companies working in the field of medical informatics, scholars who wish to deepen their knowledge on the topic, and any other interested people. Attendees of the event will receive an overview of some of the key issues and most promising techniques in the field through four tutorials given by experts in e-health, artificial intelligence and data analytics. In continuity with previous editions, the goal of the workshop is also to consolidate the development of a community, centered on the NOI techpark in Bolzano, committed to the dissemination of the use of digital technologies in healthcare and the joint implementation of research and development projects.

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