This page aims to give an overview (or to provide a map) of topics of interest, methods, and technologies that the Faculty of Computer Science can offer to companies.

We group these competencies around three topics: data, software systems, and life-long learning.

To decide on which topic you should start looking at, think about the problem you are trying to solve: is it mainly a problem about data (how to collect, process, or analyze it), is it mainly a problem about a software system (how to construct, improve, or evaluate it), or is it more about transferring skills? After deciding that, look at the topic you are interested and click on the relative sub-topics to find out more.

Please note, that on these web pages in which we describe the skills of the professors at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Bozen-Bolzano, we refer mainly to Wikipedia articles. We are aware that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for academic research since its quality cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, Wikipedia articles are community-built and therefore represent the point of view of a large number of people. Moreover, Wikipedia articles are often written in a way understandable by a large number of readers, which supports our goal of making our work understandable also to a non-scientific audience.