This project is divided into different work packages, which group the various activities into packages that require similar skills and knowledge. We defined 7 work packages:

  1. Project management: This work package is a package that supports and directs the others. It accompanies the entire project and includes project management with precise planning and controlling. In addition, ensuring the exchange of information between the individual working groups is of great importance.

  2. Communication: The aim of this work package is to disseminate the results and to guarantee that the results will be effective after the end of the project.

  3. Hardware: This work package aims at the selection and use of sensors, cameras and wearables suitable for detecting human movements in sports. Since climbing will be investigated as a concrete application in this project, sensors, cameras and wearables will be tested to characterize a climbing route by describing the movements, i.e. the skills necessary to successfully master the route. As an iterative development approach is followed, based on the creation of prototypes, this work package will be executed for the whole project duration.

  4. Software: The aim of this work package is to use the sensors selected in work package 3 to create reusable prototypes capable of detecting and classifying sporting activities. The functionality of the developed software component depends not only on the sensor type, but also how sensors are combined and installed in a climbing hall. For example, sensors can also be programmed to cooperate in data collection and transmission if the signal is too weak to transmit data from a corner of the gym where no wireless network signal is available (so-called mesh networks). In this work package, usage scenarios are therefore created that typically occur in a climbing hall and then prototypes that can capture the usage scenarios that stakeholders find interesting.

  5. Verification: Based on the delivered prototypes of the previous WP, detailed tests will be carried out to evaluate how well the developed prototypes are able to measure the desired activities. Weaknesses are to be identified and suggestions for their improvement passed on to the respective work package.

  6. Validation: The aim of this work package is to validate the developed prototypes in all their components, i.e. to check whether they meet the requirements of the stakeholders. This will not only be a step at the end of the project, but a continuous activity throughout the project.

* The milestones described here are incomplete as they are updated continuously.

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