The challenge will be to develop a system that collects data on the sports activities carried out in the climbing hall (thus enabling a "smart climbing hall") and provides a result tailored to each different stake-holder, but at the same time with low installation and maintenance costs.

Different algorithms must be developed to interpret the data collected by sensors and to classify and evaluate the sports activities carried out. To achieve this, not only technical know-how but also sports know-how is required to evaluate the recorded movements correctly. Within the framework of the project, various algorithms and data acquisition technologies will be tested and various algorithms will be developed and evaluated. The first expected results of the data collection and interpretation are as follows:

  • Information about the routes taken,
  • falls,
  • speed,
  • climbing quality, as well as
  • recommendations about similar routes that might be interesting for a climber (to reach the training goals or to take similar routes).

The findings gained are not only relevant for climbing in this project, but also for the use of sensors and the interpretation of the data obtained can also be used in other sports such as bouldering, hiking, skiing, etc... A challenge is also the generalization of the gained knowledge (in the concrete application case of the climbing hall) to general solution approaches which can then be used for the tracking of different sports.

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