Offer: "User Interface Evaluation"

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Description of this offer

This activity will address the expert-based evaluation of an existing user interface by means of, for instance, heuristic evaluation. Heuristics evaluation of interfaces can be done by two experts, and will return a list of related issues and possible solutions. Alternatively, the activity can be a teaching activity: a series of lectures and labs concerning how to design and prototype UIs.

What we need from you

User interface

What you will get

Document with list of related issues and possible solutions. For formation activities: Lessons of 10 to 20 hours as well as guidelines and documents for running expert-based evaluation studies.


The costs amount to 5.000€+VAT. You can also take advantage of the Lab bonus, which covers 50% to 65% of the incurred costs.

Contact for this offer

Rosella Gennari ( ,   web site)

Rosella Gennari is a researcher with a fixed-term contract at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Find out more about her checking out his website.

We have created a diagram that displays common keywords from articles written by Rosella Gennari. This is often useful to see what the respective researcher is doing: click here.


Human computer interaction

Types of offer

Feasibility Study, Training

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