Privacy and cookie policy

The Smart Data Factory is a project of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. This website is a subpage of the official website of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Also for this web site the privacy and cookie policy is enforced as described on

In particular, the types of data processed on this web site includes anonymous browsing data for statistical information on site usage and to monitor its correct functioning, which will be deleted immediately after processing. Moreover, this web site collects data provided voluntarily by users, specifically, e-mail addresses so that users of the web site can be contacted to be informed about news about the web site content. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties; if requested, however, such data must be made available to the postal and communications police, the judicial authorities and the criminal investigation police.

This website does not use profiling cookies, but technical cookies, i.e. browsing or session cookies, which are necessary for the correct functioning of the website or which enable users to use the desired content and services. The following cookies are used in detail:

  • "session": Cookie to store session variables
  • "locale": Cookie to store the set language
  • "saved_offers": Cookie to allow users to store offers and view them later
  • "saved_archives": Cookie to allow users to store archive entries and view them later
  • "saved_items_informed_user": Cookie to store whether users have been informed where saved offers and archive entries can be viewed
We do not use libraries or third-party tools that set cookies.

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