Offers related to "Software engineering"

User Interaction Analysis

Knowing how your users interact with your software or website can lead to great improvements in usability and customer satisfaction. Within this research project, we offer to collaborate with your software development team to instrument your existing software or website so that we are able to log how users interact with it and analyze the resulting log. Through ...

Business Modelling Design

This is a system design activity aimed at developing a preliminary version of the Business Strategic Model for an organization using the well-known Business Model Canvas. Following that approach, the model helps the organization to make explicit the organization’s value propositions, customer relationships, customer segme...

Preliminary Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture Model

Proposing a preliminary Enterprise Architecture Model for an Organization using the international standard ARCHIMATE. This model could represent basic aspects of a  Service-Oriented Architecture, also exploring its relation to Information Systems and Infrastructure Design.

Evaluating the Ontological Adequacy of an Information Model

This is an activity is about the use of modern analyses and evaluation techniques to assess the ontological quality of a domain ontology/information/data/conceptual model.

Introduction to Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture

An introductory course on Enterprise Architecture using the international standard ARCHIMATE. This course addresses basic aspects of Service-Oriented Enterprise Modeling, also exploring its relation to Information Systems and Infrastructure Design.

Digitalisation using Business Process Modeling (BPM) solutions

This activity consists of a pilot consultancy on digitalisation using BPM solutions, by eliciting data and process models, and by discussing which architectural solutions could be adopted depending on the nature of the involved processes (predictable/unpredictable, repetitive/ad-hoc, rigid/flexible, internal/multi-party, etc.

Data modelling with different languages

Teaching activity on data modelling with different languages of choices, such as in particular UML class diagrams, Entity Relationship (ER), Object Relational Mapping (ORM).

Visualization of software bugs

Software bugs occur at different rate depending on the characteristic of the software systems. Automatically collecting bugs from online or offline source (e.g., issue repositories) and visualising them over time help to understand the reliability of the system and to predict its future behaviour. We offer to develop a simple tool that mines the repository and visualises optimal curves represen...

Unit Testing framework for Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are digital systems for process automation. They are typically little or poorly tested. A library for Unit testing and compliant to IEC 61131-3 standards languages under which PLC are developed has been developed. We offer to conduct a multiple case study on the efficiency and enhancement of the library for full testing automation._

Automated UI tests

Testing UI often requires a long manual selection of the input values. Selecting the right input values with which to design tests with high code coverage is an art. Techniques for UI testing vary depending on the data structures used by the interface. Testing for all combinations of input values is often unfeasible or expensive. Based on the available knowledge of the input space, an algorithm...

Lean Startup Camp

Lean Startup as an entrepreneurial approach has its origin in Silicon Valley, but over the past years it became increasingly prominent and prevalent in hightech startup communities worldwide. Lean Startup has the potential to make startups more successful with less wasted resources and time. However, local startups, especially inexperienced young startup teams, are yet to fully understand th...

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