Offers related to "Prototyping"

Prototyping is the activity of creating prototypes of software applications, i.e., incomplete versions of the software program being developed. The goals of prototyping are to better understand the practicality of a proposed project or system, to obtain feedback from users, and to understand how the final system has to be constructed (see "System design").

User Interface Design

This activity will address the design of a user interface (computer/mobile screen prototyping) by means of, for instance, wireframing. Wireframing will be conducted at different levels for deciding the main functional elements of an interface for computer web pages/programs (deciding what, what for, and where).

Chat Bot

Bots are becoming popular in many applications to simplify the information access processes and support users. We have experience in creating bots for helping students to select the right meal for them in the university canteen. This technology can be adapted in other application domains.

Visualization of software bugs

Software bugs occur at different rate depending on the characteristic of the software systems. Automatically collecting bugs from online or offline source (e.g., issue repositories) and visualising them over time help to understand the reliability of the system and to predict its future behaviour. We offer to develop a simple tool that mines the repository and visualises optimal curves represen...

Automated UI tests

Testing UI often requires a long manual selection of the input values. Selecting the right input values with which to design tests with high code coverage is an art. Techniques for UI testing vary depending on the data structures used by the interface. Testing for all combinations of input values is often unfeasible or expensive. Based on the available knowledge of the input space, an algorithm...

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