Offer: "Next User's Action Prediction Study"

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Description of this offer

In many web scenarios users of online systems repeatedly access the same application. For instance, a user may visit the homepage of a newspaper or a streaming video application every day. In these cases, it is useful to be able to predict, the next time the user will visit the application, what will be his/her action, i.e., what document will be browsed or what video will be played. Data analytics technologies can be applied to generate quite reliable predictions.

What we need from you

Description of the items, description of the actions, temporally tagged data about item-action-user interactions.

What you will get

Analysis of the problem (document) and application of predictive algorithms on the available data (measure of predictive accuracy of the model).


The costs amount to 5.000€+VAT. You can also take advantage of the Lab bonus, which covers 50% to 65% of the incurred costs.

Contact for this offer

Francesco Ricci ( ,   web site)

Francesco Ricci is a full professor at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Find out more about him checking out his website.

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Machine learning

Type of offer

Feasibility Study

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