Offers related to "System design"

System design is the process of defining the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements.

Business Modelling Design

This is a system design activity aimed at developing a preliminary version of the Business Strategic Model for an organization using the well-known Business Model Canvas. Following that approach, the model helps the organization to make explicit the organization’s value propositions, customer relationships, customer segme...

Ontology Evaluation and (Re)Design

This is a system design activity aimed at helping an organization to evaluate and (re)design/evolve a small domain ontology using state of the art ontology evaluation techniques.

Ontology Design

This is a system design activity aimed at helping an organization to develop a small-sized ontology for a domain of interest to the organization.

System Design for Group Decision Support

Groups of various nature (e.g., in a family or in a work team) are continuously facing the need to make decisions about common issues. For instance, a software team must decide which requirements to implement in the next version of the system or a group of friends may want to decide which excursion to do. We can evaluate the applicability of user profiling and recommendation techniques for supp...

Digitalisation using Business Process Modeling (BPM) solutions

This activity consists of a pilot consultancy on digitalisation using BPM solutions, by eliciting data and process models, and by discussing which architectural solutions could be adopted depending on the nature of the involved processes (predictable/unpredictable, repetitive/ad-hoc, rigid/flexible, internal/multi-party, etc.


Starting from our research activities, we can organise seminars related to the existing blockchain platforms and how local companies can take advantage of them within their processes. We can develop and analyse various solution designs that benefit companies’ requirements.

Fog and edge cloud architectures

The trend in cloud computing is to move many functions of centralized cloud to the edge devices of the network. This brings many advantages in terms of data analysis, operating costs and application performance. Our work in this area can help companies make informed decisions when it comes to designing and building their edge architecture_

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