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Training means to transfer knowledge through teaching, examples, simulation, and exercises.

Advanced Information Modelling for Semantic Interoperability

Advanced Course on Information Modeling. In particular, the course employs the modeling language OntoUML and its associated methodological and computational tools to address the topic of conceptual modeling for Semantic Interoperability. The course also discusses the relation between OntoUML and the OMG SIMF – Semantic Information Model Federation – Initiative. 

Ontological Analysis and Engineering

Teaching activity on Ontology Engineering comprising Ontological Analysis, Ontology Modeling, Ontology Codification (including aspects related to the Semantic Web)  and Validation (using visual simulation). 

Business Modelling and Value Proposition Design

Introductory course in the Business Modeling Canvas and related techniques and how they can be used for Value Proposition Design. The course also discusses the relation between Business Modeling and Enterprise Architecture.  

Advanced Course on Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture

Follow up course to the “Introductory course on Enterprise Architecture” using ARCHIMATE. This course addresses advanced aspects of Service-Oriented Enterprise Modeling including aspects such as Risk Management and the relation to the TOGAF standard. 

Introduction to Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture

An introductory course on Enterprise Architecture using the international standard ARCHIMATE. This course addresses basic aspects of Service-Oriented Enterprise Modeling, also exploring its relation to Information Systems and Infrastructure Design.

User Interface Design

This activity will address the design of a user interface (computer/mobile screen prototyping) by means of, for instance, wireframing. Wireframing will be conducted at different levels for deciding the main functional elements of an interface for computer web pages/programs (deciding what, what for, and where).

User Interface Evaluation

This activity will address the expert-based evaluation of an existing user interface by means of, for instance, heuristic evaluation. Heuristics evaluation of interfaces can be done by two experts, and will return a list of related issues and possible solutions. Alternatively, the activity can be a teaching activity: a series of lectures and labs concerning how to design and prototype UIs.

Data modelling with different languages

Teaching activity on data modelling with different languages of choices, such as in particular UML class diagrams, Entity Relationship (ER), Object Relational Mapping (ORM).

Process and Business Process Modeling

Teaching activity on BPM and process modelling with different languages of choices, such as in particular Business Process Modeling Notation or, more foundationally, different variants of Petri nets.

Process mining

Teaching activity on process mining, covering the basics of process mining, then different process mining techniques, and the entire lifecycle of a process mining project.

Lean Startup Camp

Lean Startup as an entrepreneurial approach has its origin in Silicon Valley, but over the past years it became increasingly prominent and prevalent in hightech startup communities worldwide. Lean Startup has the potential to make startups more successful with less wasted resources and time. However, local startups, especially inexperienced young startup teams, are yet to fully understand th...

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