Archive entries related to "Machine learning"

Sensors and Data for the Analysis of Activities in Sports (SALSA)

Recording and measuring athletic performance by means of sensors installed either on the athlete's body (e.g. in the form of a bracelet) or on sports equipment is a method of tracking fitness goals. Sensors must record the athlete's movements in such a way that events can be detected in the subsequent data analysis, enabling statements to be made about the success of the training. However, there...

Recommending news clippings

The overall goal of this project is the usage of recommendation techniques to minimize the human effort in the selection of news articles.

Predict user behaviour in an IoT scenario

The overall goal of this project is to learn a predictive model of user behaviours in an Internet of Thing (IoT)-augmented scenario and generate recommendations adapted to the learned behaviour.

Preference learning technique for recommender systems (PLATFORMS)

The overall goal of this project is to develop a unified framework for representing and reasoning on user preferences in recommender systems.

Decision Support System for Identification of Postharvest Diseases of Apples (DSSApple)

The aim of this project is to develop effective and efficient decision support systems for the diagnosis of postharvest disorders and diseases of apple.

Modular platform for the territorial management of cancer patients

The project aims at developing an innovative software platform to support the management of oncology patients no matter if they are in a clinic, at their place of residence or in other health facilities of the area.

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